What is an Immediate Financing Arrangement?

The Immediate Financing Arrangement is a financial strategy that provides an opportunity for individuals and incorporated business owners to obtain the permanent life insurance coverage they need while still preserving cash for investment or business opportunities. 

Benefits of an Immediate Financing Arrangement (IFA)

👉  Access up to 100% of the policy premium

You may be eligible to access 100% of the total annual premium of your policy.
👉  No additional collateral is required
Borrow back the premium without the requirement for additional collateral.
👉  Tax-free cash
Take your financial planning to a whole new level by getting access to cash that’s tax-free.
👉  Continued growth 
You get access to cash without interrupting the growth of your policy.
👉  Widely available
Canadian residents that are the age of majority and have a life insurance policy with a minimum premium of $50,000 are eligible to apply for this option.